Super Sesame Street Fighter

In 2009, Matt Crane published his first illustration of Kernie (a fusion of Ken and Ernie) on Deviant Art. This spawned follow-up artworks of various fused characters from Sesame Street and Street Fighter all of which were featured on prominent video gaming websites. But this wasn’t enough, Crane decided it was time to do something “big” and “epic” so on February 20th, 2013, he launched the ‘Super Sesame Street Fighter Parody Poster‘ campaign onĀ Kickstarter seeking a humble $1,000 in funds to complete his group illustration featuring 16 Sesame Street Fighters in a single poster.

Backers (in U.S.) would receive a printed poster and Digital Sketch Book depending on how much they pledged. Backers outside of U.S. (like us) or who contribute just a dollar would receive a Desktop Wallpaper. This limitation against pledges from outside the U.S. is solely due to the challenge of covering International delivery costs.

Whether we can receive a fully printed poster or not, the digital version has finally arrived at our door steps and the level of epic randomness is exponential. Today’s letter is ‘E’… For epic.



Also, here are some of the original artwork pieces for individual characters that Crane put together before, all available on his DeviantArt profile!

Sesame_Street_Fight__Zellygief_by_gavacho13 Sesame_Street_Fighter__Baldog_by_gavacho13 Sesame_Street_Fighter__Gurmit_by_gavacho13 Sesame_Street_Fighter__C_Monda_by_gavacho13 Sesame_Street_Fight__Big_Bagat_by_gavacho13 Sesame_Street_Fighter__Oska_by_gavacho13 Sesame_Street_Fighter__Pig_Li_by_gavacho13 Sesame_Street_Fighter_Acountma_by_gavacho13

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