If Final Fantasy 1 was a Comic Series

Back in the ye olde times, when Square (yes Square, not stupid Square Enix) set the standards and laid the foundation of the basis of JRPG as a genre, jillions upon zillions of gamers hopped on the Final Fantasy party bus. I hopped on the party bus (It was a very interesting and fun bus).

Those Final Fantasy games were epically great games. The guys at Nuklear Power evidently thought so too and decided that they’d start their own FF adventure and called it 8-Bit Theatre. Using pixel models of FF characters and some smart stereotyping for extra shits and giggles, they’ve managed to weave their own story in an alternate Final Fantasy universe in comic form.

Here’s Episode 1 posted in 2001 and goes on all the way up to Episode 1224 in 2010!

8-Bit Theatre: Episode 1

8-Bit Theatre: Episode 1

The series is 50% story and two thousand percent funny.

Read the full comic series at their website now!

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